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Step into the mesmerizing world of The Astonishing Singers, Lancashire’s best Singing Waiters. With a rich history in surprise performances, we can elevate your events to new heights, filling them with unexpected joy and dynamic shows.

Covering the whole of Lancashire, our singing waiters are more than just singing waiters. They’re seasoned performers, blending talent, charisma, and passion seamlessly. Their performances aren’t just about singing; they craft unforgettable moments, engaging you and your guests from the first note to the final standing ovation.

The magic begins as our Lancashire Singing Waiters seamlessly blend into your event, building connections with your guests under the guise of regular staff. But when the timing is perfect, they unveil their true identities, setting the stage ablaze with foot-tapping numbers and heart-warming classics, ensuring the dance floor is never empty.

With The Astonishing Singers, an event becomes more than just a date—it becomes an everlasting memory. Experience the wonder, the excitement, and the musical brilliance that our Lancashire Singing Waiters bring to every occasion.

Serving All Of Lancashire

Dedicated to providing the best service to events across Lancashire with their exceptional musical talents, The Astonishing Singers have become synonymous with the words “singing waiters entertainment.” Whether you’re nestled in the heart of a bustling Lancashire city or planning an event amidst the tranquil beauty of the Lancashire countryside, our team ensures a performance that’s nothing short of astonishing.

Here’s a snapshot of the regions where our harmonies have left an indelible mark:

  • Manchester: The bustling metropolis of Manchester is a canvas for our singing waiters, adding vibrancy to its dynamic events.

  • Blackpool: With its iconic landmarks, Blackpool becomes even more enchanting with our performances.

  • Lancaster: Events in Lancaster are transformed into musical extravaganzas with our singing waiters.

  • Morecambe: Morecambe’s lively vibes are amplified with our interactive musical sessions.

  • Preston: A vibrant hub, Preston’s events are always a notch higher with our musical surprises.

  • Blackburn: In Blackburn, we add a touch of unexpected delight to every gathering.

  • Chorley: From corporate events to private soirees in Chorley, we bring the magic of music.

  • Accrington: Elevate any event in Accrington with our signature musical touch.

  • Burnley: Echoing its rich history, Burnley events are graced with our timeless performances.

This is merely a glimpse of the regions we serve within Lancashire. Organizing an event in another part of Lancashire? Fear not! The Astonishing Singers, Lancashire’s best singing waiters, are always on the move. We’re passionate about infusing events with our signature mix of musical brilliance and audience participation.

No matter where you are in Lancashire, we’re committed to making your occasion truly unforgettable.

Why Choose Our Lancashire Singing Waiters

The Astonishing Singers of Lancashire are more than just vocalists; they’re true entertainers. With each performance, they craft a mesmerizing atmosphere, captivating audiences with their dynamic stage presence and powerful vocals. From the opening note to the final bow, they transport your guests on a spellbinding musical adventure that lingers in memory.

Specializing in the art of the unexpected, The Astonishing Singers seamlessly integrate into your event. Posing as regular staff, they work in the background, only to unveil their true talents at the most astonishing moment. Our signature reveals have left countless Lancashire audiences in awe.

With over a decade in the industry, The Astonishing Singers have curated diverse setlists that cater to all age groups and event types. From contemporary Pop and Rock to timeless Opera and Classics, our performances ensure everyone, from the young to the young-at-heart, are dancing and singing along.

For us, your journey begins long before the performance. From your initial inquiry, our commitment is to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience. We collaborate with you, ensuring every detail is perfect, crafting a musical surprise that exceeds expectations.

By choosing The Astonishing Singers, you’re not just booking entertainers; you’re creating an event to remember with the best Yorkshire Singing Waiters in the industry. Let us bring a touch of Lancashire charm and musical brilliance to your next event.

Opting for The Astonishing Singers means more than just hiring entertainers; it’s about crafting unforgettable moments with Lancashire’s top singing waiters. Allow us to infuse your next event with the essence of Lancashire’s musical excellence.


The Astonishing Singers’ Lancashire Singing Waiters are a unique entertainment suited for all events. They start the day by mingling with your guests, posing as staff and building connections. When no one expects it they burst into song, providing exceptional vocal performances and heart-warming moments that will leave your guests mesmerised.

Understanding that every event is unique, we’ve crafted a range of packages to that can be picked from to make you day extra special:

  • Bronze Package: A delightful 30-minute set that introduces an element of surprise to your gathering.

  • Silver Package: Elevate the experience with a 45-minute performance, allowing for a more the party to go on and have everyone up on the dance floor.

  • Gold Package: Designed for day-long events, this package features two distinct acts. A 30-minute set to accompany your wedding breakfast and a 45-minute evening showcase to keep the celebrations going.

Should you have specific requirements, we’re open to customizing our offerings to ensure a perfect fit for your event.

Our singing waiters cater to the entirety of Lancashire. From the vibrant cities of Manchester, Preston, Blackpool, and Lancaster to the picturesque towns of Burnley, Blackburn, Chorley, Morecambe, and Accrington. We’re enthusiastic about journeying throughout the county, ensuring our distinctive entertainment reaches every corner of your event.

Booking our waiters is pretty simple. You can enquire through our “Contact” Page here and one of our staff will get in contact you with quotes and to discuss your day.

Once your booking is confirmed, we’ll speak to you and the venue gather all the final details we need to ensure a seamless and fantastic experience.

Opting for our Lancashire Singing Waiters is embracing a memory that will echo for years. Recognized as the UK’s best Singing Waiter Entertainment, we guarantee performances that not only entertain but resonate.

With a hassle-free booking journey and a team deeply committed to excellence, we’re not just offering a service; we’re crafting moments that linger long after the final note.

Masters of disguise, our singing waiters excel at going unnoticed. By donning attire identical to the venue’s staff and initially serving as typical waiters, they seamlessly integrate into the event’s backdrop. This strategy preserves the element of surprise. And when it’s time for the big reveal? It’s orchestrated to the tee, promising a moment of sheer delight for all in attendance.

Our team comes equipped with everything needed to produce a professional performance with the best audio quality. This includes a professional grade PA system and Mics. We also ensure all equipment is tested and covered by our Public Liability Insurance to cover all eventualities.

We take care of the setup and removal, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred date. Our singing waiters are in high demand, especially during peak seasons. However, we will always try to accommodate your request, even on short notice.

What Do Lancashire Locals Say About Us?

"Our wedding was already special, but The Astonishing Singers took it to another level! Their surprise performance had everyone, from our grandparents to our youngest nieces, dancing and singing along. A truly unforgettable experience!"

Joe & Stephanie


"Booking The Astonishing Singers was the best decision we made for our big day. Their energy, talent, and total surprise made has guests still talking about it. Thank you Robin & Dom for making our wedding even more magical!"

Rachel & Tom


"From the moment The Astonishing Singers began, our wedding venue was filled with laughter, cheers, and a lot of dancing! They truly lived up to their name and made our special  day even more memorable. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for some singing waiters."



"Truly unforgettable! Robin & Dom had everyone involved and up on their feet singing and dancing along even my grandma in her 90's! Thankyou so much for giving us some extra special moments. Book them Now!"

Lily & Jack


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